YC Onion Camera Slider Support Arm Stabilizer, Tripod Support Arms for Increasing Stability, Lightweight, Adjustable Length (2 Arms in)

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These extendable rods are really neat additions to any videographer’s kit. They prevent any tilting or bowing when using heavier camera bodies on a lightweight slider, giving smooth motion to any tracking / sliding shots. They’re also small enough to fit into a tripod bag, so don’t really take up any additional space when on the go.

Q: Are thess support poles compatible with any sliders?

A: Yes, they are compatible with other sliders with 1/4 screw hole under both ends.

NOTED: Camera Slider, ball head and tripod are not included.

The load capacity of the Stability Arms are up to 22lbs/10KG.

*Akuge is a sub-brand of YC Onion.

Support Arm